What Exactly Happens During a Colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy is often at the brunt of jokes. And it's a procedure that many people dread going through. But, it's not as bad as rumor has it. Dr. Manish Madan, Dr. Andrej Strapko, or Dr. Anthony Baratta of Gastroenterology Associates of Rochester, serving Rochester, NY, and the nearby region, will sedate you during it. And everything is gentle and non-painful. Let's discuss some specifics.

First Visit

When you first come to our Rochester, NY, office and we suggest you receive a colonoscopy or you request it, we'll explain to you how to prepare for it. A practitioner will let you know if you're on any medication you need to stop and when you should begin your prep, which will consist of drinking a specialized drink that'll help any stool in your system pass. 

We'll tell you what you can eat and drink the day before. At that point, you usually can't have any solid food and may only drink clear liquids -- water, coffee or tea with no cream, or broth, to name some examples. 

Day of Your Colonoscopy 

On the day of your colonoscopy, have someone drive you to your appointment because you'll be receiving a sedative and will need someone to bring you home. 

You'll need to change into a hospital gown for the procedure. Before one of our doctors begins the process, you'll be given a sedative. You may also be given an analgesic. These are often given intravenously. You'll then need to lie on your side on the exam table. You won't be able to feel anything happening or be aware it's happening. The physician will then pump water, air, or carbon dioxide into a tube to inflate the intestines. This makes it easier for the doctor to get a glimpse of inside your colon. Then, your practitioners will insert the scope into your rectum. 

As the physician is slowly pushing the scope into your intestines, the doctor will watch what's going on inside the area on a screen. The practitioner will look for polyps and other concerning issues. 

This entire process takes about 30 to 60 minutes to complete. 

You'll be kept at the office for a bit after the procedure to ensure your sedation is wearing off properly. Once we know everything is fine, you may leave our office. 

At Gastroenterology Associates of Rochester, serving Rochester, NY, and the neighboring communities, Dr. Madan, Dr. Strapko, and Dr. Baratta perform this procedure and can help you decide when it's right for you. Despite its reputation, it's not painful or invasive. And it doesn't even last long.

If you're due for a colonoscopy, contact us at (585) 720-1550 to book.

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