Gastroenterology Associates of Rochester, LLP offers a full array of gastroenterology services to help you maintain a healthy digestive system. You can read more on this page about specific services.

In addition to the above, we offer infusion therapy to help improve the lives of patients living with inflammatory diseases.  Infusion therapy is the administration of medications through an IV or catheter.  Patients enjoy the privacy and convenience of not having to go outside our office to receive treatment.     

Procedures are performed in our Greece office in addition to the following facilities:

  • Unity Hospital - 1555 Long Pond Rd, Rochester, NY 14626 (585) 922-1900
  • Westfall Surgery Center - 1065 Senator Keating Blvd., Rochester, NY 14618 (585) 256-1330

If a biopsy is performed during your procedure, the specimen will be sent to:

  • URMC Labs (585-758-0510) for patients insured through the University of Rochester
  • ACM Labs (585-247-3500) for all others

Please contact the facility if you have any questions about their participation with your insurance plan or fees.

Questions About Gastroenterology Services in Rochester, NY

We encourage you to contact us whenever you have an interest or concerns.

For appointments, call: (585) 720-1550
For billing inquiries, call: (585) 720-1448
For everything else, call: (585) 720-1550

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